Blueberries are Natural Pain Killer – Benefits of Blueberries

blueberryYou know, I’ve been sick for many years now. My immune system weakened and naturally I turned to nature for quick fix. Now first I should tell you, there are NO quick fixes as much as I would like to have them. Second, by learning benefits of blueberries it helped changed my life completely.

First, I should mention that blueberries help with boosting your immune system as they are loaded with C vitamin.  my personal experience has been so far, without blueberries I was getting sick or coming down with a cold, every few weeks, since I eat blueberries every single morning, for the past 4 months I have NOT had a single cold.

Since blueberries are often recommended as a great weight loss foods, there is a real reason for it.  They are loaded with iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium.  All these minerals, are needed for ultimate health.  4 months ago, my blood result came back with iron deficiency, now (4 months later) my iron is back to normal.

Are you suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels?  blueberries can really help you with that as well.

Suffering from allergies? Yeap, you guested it right.  Since blueberries have high amounts of quercetin, which reduces the risk of allergies.

Some researches are showing that blueberries can help with prevention of alzheimer’s disease

Some more benefits.  They can help prevent colon cancer as well as ovarian cancer.

Great source of antioxidant.

BUT how many should you eat to get the actual benefit.  Many will say as many as you can… My personal experience has been, eat it regularly in normal interventions.  I start it in the morning with my cereals.  I will add the mixture of berry and blueberry  – approx half cup to a cup.  Depends of course how hungry I am.  But my bowl of cereal is not big and there is just more fruit then cereal in it.

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