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Gluten Free Food Substitutes

Gluten is a type of protein found in mainly in Wheat, Barley and Rye. People having intestinal diseases can not consume gluten since smallest amount of gluten can produce abnormal immune responses, damaging the small intestine. People with such a disease often experience gas, bloating, weight loss, diarrhea, weakness, and vomiting etc. because the damaged intestines can not absorb the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that leads to anemia and osteoporosis. There is no treatment for this disease but the only precaution one can take is to avoid foods that contain gluten.


People who need to avoid gluten r

gluten free diet


ich products may be unclear about what to eat and what to avoid since the food grains having gluten are extensively used in wide range of products. Therefore they always need to be on their guard while de

ciding upon their menu. This might prove to be a little bit frustrating sometimes but now a days many alternate types of meals are available that are totally free of gluten and fit well into the daily eating plan as with increasing awareness about the gluten allergy, many food manufacturers have started producing products free of gluten.


If you are one of those people suffering from gluten allergy then on your next trip to the grocery store, make sure to start with the fresh produce section for nutrient rich, low-fat, low-sodium fruits and veggies. You can them move on to the seafood section where you will get fresh meat, poultry, and sea foods that are naturally G-free. Use caution when choosing luncheon meat and other processed meats as these may contain gluten as fillers or flavor enhancers, so check out the ingredients carefully. If you have lactose intolerance too then try lactose free milk, yogurt, and hard cheese as these are usually well received by the digestive system. You can also go for plain rice, dried beans and legumes, spices and herbs, Peanut butter, cooking oils etc.

Also at times it becomes problematic for such people to go out and dine at restaurants or eat at parties since they have to be always on their guard. As for dining out is concerned, there is good news. Many fast food joints and traditional restaurants have already started serving non gluten dishes along side the normal ones. A number of such restaurants can be easily found by just searching via Google.

As already mentioned every day more and more companies in the food business are waking up to this new niche and are including products that are free of gluten, in their range, thus providing an increasingly wider variety for people to choose from.

Daniel Nicholson is a writer who loves to share his knowledge and thoughts on myriad subjects. In this article he is sharing his insight about NadaMoo’s coconut milk ice cream including gluten free ice cream

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The Healing Honey

So you are at the store, shopping for groceries and see many different products made of honey. Wonder why? Because the power of healing honey. Honey is a in a true sense healing remedy – but only if taken raw. You see, when you cook it it gets “sterilized” with high heat and loses its healing effect.

There are many different types of honey. Some of those are wildflower honey, tupelo honey, organic honey, and clover honey. One of my preferred honeys is raw wildflower honey.

How to use Honey for healing?

Now, one benefit about honey is that it tastes great. While some Dr. do not recommend giving honey to children under the age of 1, but after 1 they respond great to treatment.

Here are some healing effect of Honey.

* Burns – It is actually not a common knowledge that honey can help with burns, but it really can. You see, if you place honey on burned skin, and cover with gauze, it will actually keep burned skin supple and reduce moisture. While honey overall does not need to be chilled, on the other hand, if you chill it before putting it on the burned skin, you will have a great effect.

* Coughs and colds – If you have low immune system and often fight cold and cough, raw honey can also prevent colds. It also helps soothe coughs and sore throats. Its viscous texture coats the throat, and has a cough-suppressing effect. Since honey is antibacterial natural remedy, it can help with fighting respiratory infections. You can also take an extra step and use ginger together with honey to prevent viral infections.

* Acne and facial mask – Since honey works great for dry skin, you can try making some moisturizing natural balms for your skin. It also has antibacterial effect so naturally can treat acne. Sugar mixed with raw honey and sweet almond oil makes a moisturizing exfoliant.

* Allergies cure – If you get seasonal allergies, get consistent with eating honey each morning. It will prevent your symptoms and often you will avoid getting hay fever.

* Wound healing – Since it works with burns, it also works with wounds. This is a great natural remedy for diabetics who have a hard time with healing ulcers, and minor cuts. It also tends to be a lot less less painful than conventional antiseptics.

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List of Antiviral Herbs

With upcoming cold season, let’s talk about antiviral herbs. Based on some research, many people dislike viruses, because they are different than bacteria as viruses do not respond to antibiotics. Either way, getting sick is not fun at all so there are these antiviral herbs that can really prevent you getting viral infection.

First on the List is Lemon Balm

Many countries such as Germany, uses many creams and balms made of herbs. Some of these creams are even prescribed for herpes and cold sores. Lemon balm can be grown in your own garden. Just make sure you contain it well as it can spread like crazy.

You can even make lemon balm as a tea. Either cream or a tea can be used to treat cold sores and herpes.

2. Astragalus

This lesser-known immune enhancing herb is known as huang qi in Chinese medicine. Astragalus is actually very sweet and often compared to licorice. Extremely effective antiviral herb. It has been also shown as effective herb to some very life threatening viruses.

You can simmer slices of the root in water to make a healing decoction, or you can use the commercially-available tincture. It is generally agreed that astragalus should be taken as a preventative rather than once the illness is in full swing, so if you think you’ve been exposed, or you experience the very first twinges of illness, you can start taking astragalus.

3. Garlic is the best

If you have fungal infections, bacterial infection or any viral infection, you have to take some garlic. Take it as a dose by eating it every single day at certain times. Most people try it for one day, but you have to do so more frequently.

You can easily add garlic to every meal you make. It goes well with salads, main dish and lots of veggies.

4. Ginger

While ginger was mostly used to help prevent nausea in children, it was later learned that it has many other healing effects. One of the best effects is anti viral.

Teas made from fresh ginger are palatable and spicy. The best way to change this taste is by adding some raw honey. Now, as soon as you feel first stages of a cold or flu, you need to drink some tea. Do this several times a day and you are set for avoiding that nagging cold or flu. If you have been exposed to viruses and flu, drink it as prevention measure.

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Relieve Headaches Naturally – Here is what you can do!

Having headache can affect your life in the worst way, as it slows down your concentration, plus you can even experience some nagging pain such as stomach pain. So here is a way to relieve headaches completely naturally.

Because headaches cause muscle tension, it it completely normal to think of getting a massage for yourself. Most people tend to get headaches at certain times of the month and they can be prevented by getting massage around that time. Not only that, you can even consider going to the chiropractor. Joint misalignment can be a cause for your muscle pain. Sometimes chiropractor treatment actually brings instant headache relief.

Most importantly you need to work hard on getting rid of your stress. Stress and headaches are interconnected. Some of the things you can do is going for 20 min power walk or stretching for 5-10 min per day. OR you can consider getting into yoga and Pilates.

You can turn to these herbs to get relief as well. They are: Cramp Bark (Vibernum opulus), Feverfew and Willow.

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5 Natural Fungus Fighters

If you have problems with fungus, you are NOT the only one. Actually- good number of people has these issues. The biggest problem is they can really be a trouble clearing out so here are some natural fungus fighters. Let’s turn to nature to see how it can help.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Yeah, if you can stand the smell, apple cider vinegar is awesome anti fungal remedy. How to use? You can soak your foot or feet in deluded vinegar frequently throughout the day. Or just simply soaking cotton swab and adding it to the affected area.

2. Garlic – # 1 Natural Antibiotic

Seem that if it has strong smell, it brings in teh odor. Now if you eat it, garlic can help with many different yeast infections. What one source said, if a women has a vaginal yeast infections, she can peal one garlic clove. Insert it in vagina, and leave it over night. If repeated for 1 week, symptoms can clear.

Rub garlic juice over fungal infection, clears fungus.

3. Echinacea

Exhinacea if largly known as a remedy for cold and flu, but German study shows Echinacea as powerful anti fungal.

4. Goldenseal

The yellow root of this plant contains berberine, which is not only an antibiotic but an antifungal as well. This as apple cider vinegar has to be deluded as well. Normally it is recommended not to take more than 3 weeks time.

5. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)

While many see this as controversial remedy, it has shown great help with people suffering from fungus. Antifungal remedy is alleged to be quite potent. It’s controversial because the active constituents have not been thoroughly identified, but it’s been shown to be quite effective at treating fungal infections, both topically and internally.

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Blueberries are Natural Pain Killer – Benefits of Blueberries

blueberryYou know, I’ve been sick for many years now. My immune system weakened and naturally I turned to nature for quick fix. Now first I should tell you, there are NO quick fixes as much as I would like to have them. Second, by learning benefits of blueberries it helped changed my life completely.

First, I should mention that blueberries help with boosting your immune system as they are loaded with C vitamin.  my personal experience has been so far, without blueberries I was getting sick or coming down with a cold, every few weeks, since I eat blueberries every single morning, for the past 4 months I have NOT had a single cold.

Since blueberries are often recommended as a great weight loss foods, there is a real reason for it.  They are loaded with iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium.  All these minerals, are needed for ultimate health.  4 months ago, my blood result came back with iron deficiency, now (4 months later) my iron is back to normal.

Are you suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels?  blueberries can really help you with that as well.

Suffering from allergies? Yeap, you guested it right.  Since blueberries have high amounts of quercetin, which reduces the risk of allergies.

Some researches are showing that blueberries can help with prevention of alzheimer’s disease

Some more benefits.  They can help prevent colon cancer as well as ovarian cancer.

Great source of antioxidant.

BUT how many should you eat to get the actual benefit.  Many will say as many as you can… My personal experience has been, eat it regularly in normal interventions.  I start it in the morning with my cereals.  I will add the mixture of berry and blueberry  – approx half cup to a cup.  Depends of course how hungry I am.  But my bowl of cereal is not big and there is just more fruit then cereal in it.

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